2015 Giants Fantasy Camp - No Day of Redemption Yet!

The good news is that we won the first tournament game in the bottom of the last inning with two outs and our best hitter, Will Ferriera,  just crushed it. At the time, we were down by one run, and we had a runner on first. He came all the way around into home, and we weren't sure he was going to make it. I'm not talking about safe or out. We weren't sure if he was even going to make it home. This is the day that legs start to give out and he just gave it his best that he had. He and the ball arrived about the same time and in the tangle, the ball squirted away from the catcher, and the runner reached over his head while laying on the ground to tag home. Right behind him - and I do mean RIGHT behind him – was the batter, who reached over the top of everyone to high-five home for the win!

For the record, Tiny followed in our gimpy runner down the third base line with the same "Pump your arms" repeated over and over. 

Our batter was mobbed by the entire team at home and we celebrated the hard-fought win. For our efforts, we got the afternoon off to let all the tired arms and legs relax a little bit. Tomorrow morning the winners bracket play in the stadium, which is always nice.

Oh, by the way, they did hit the ball to me: a beautiful, easy popup, and I dropped it. And, yes, all my hits went on the ground to third. If this would have been a movie, I would have caught the popup, hit a home run, and yesterday would have been forgotten. So much for fantasy! 

Teammates and coaches have been great and supportive by the way. Whenever anyone makes an error there are just supportive comments and helpful advice. Nothing remotely bad. 

At the time, of my drop, our ace, Will Ferriera, was on the mound pitching wonderfully.  As I tossed the ball back to him, he just pointed his glove at me and said, "All good, I got you, don't worry about it".  Then he struck out the next batter.  That's what I mean by supportive.  Errors at this camp are inevitable.  Luckily, so is the unfailing support of teammates. 

So, for now, all I can do is keep picking up the glove and taking the field. Focus, concentrate, and make the play. That’s it and... I AM having fun!

Ok, hitting coaches, Wanna see why I'm hitting the ball to third?

Ok, hitting coaches, Wanna see why I'm hitting the ball to third?