2015 Giants Fantasy Camp - The Blog

I really didn't expect my blog posts to garner much attention. My first year, I wrote them mainly for myself and shared them privately with family. Then it kinda blew up. People who searched Google for "Giants Fantasy Camp" stumbled across my writing and the response has been really positive. 

If I take a look at the stats, I get steady traffic during the "off season", but in the lead-up to camp and the days following, I see a few hundred visitors per day. That's amazing. 

But the best part is when people come up to me and say that the blog helped them prepare for camp or, better yet, helped them make the decision to come to camp.  During my first year, nobody discovered the blog during camp. Bill Laskey told me at the airport in San Francisco on the way home that he had found it and was going to read it, but that was it.  

Last year, a handful of people talked to me about. This year, I think a few dozen players made an effort to talk to me about it. Many people say that they read it multiple times,  once to decide to come and then again right before they left for camp. I have to admit that I re-read my Suggestion for Next Year's Rookies to make sure that I remembered everything. 

One morning, during the calm after dressing and before game time, I was hanging out in the stadium dugout just enjoying the day and a rookie (Alex?) came up and talked to me about the blog. He had just finished thanking me for helping him make the decision to come to camp when Benjamin Bratt walked by and started thanking me for the blog – basically repeating the same things that the rookie had just finished saying.  Now that was neat.  

Thanks Guys!